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My new eBook is here!

I am excited to announce my new eBook with 45+ sugar-free (easy to make) vegan recipes. 


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August 7, 2017

Vegan Cherry Ice Cream – Sugar Free and Insanely Good!

It's finally cherry season again! And this morning we decided to make some Vegan Cherry Ice Cream. It's the first time we made this, but I wonder why we haven't before! It's insanely good! I'm serious!!   Cherries are one of my favorite fruits to eat! I remember living in Stuttgart Germany where lots of people have cherry trees. During…
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July 28, 2017

Best Homemade Soap Bubble Recipe

Yes, we live in the technology age, but bubbles are never out! With four kids in the house I could not get around making our own soap bubble recipe to refill containers and of course - to make super bubbles to chase after 🙂 What fun times! After trying different recipes I found online, I found the following The Best…
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July 17, 2017

Easy DIY Chalk Paint (Washable)

I was busy cooking today, while the kids were playing on the balcony. When I came outside to check on them the entire balcony was pink! My kids discovered how to make chalk paint. Making Chalk Paint Is super easy! All you need is chalk and water. Pulverize your chalk by either crushing it (my kids have the greatest fun…
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July 10, 2017

Muffies – Fluffy Cookies! Oh my Goodness these are GOOD!! (Plant Based Recipe)

Have you ever wondered if there is such a thing as a muffini cookie? Fluffy and light, yet handy, chewy and just cookie delicious? YUP, there is! I just made some. And I decided to name them Muffies. Muffies - the new Cookies! Let's face it: we always want something NEW! Have we not eaten enough sweet, dry and crunchy (or…
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July 6, 2017

3 Ingredient Vegan Pineapple Ice Cream

Summer in or close to the Tropics has to include pineapples! Today I made this wonderfully easy and super delicious 3 ingredient Vegan Pineapple Ice Cream. When buying pineapples, it's important to buy ripe fruits. Make sure you live close to or in the Tropics, where these yummy fruits grow. Unripe pineapples don't really taste good and they can make…
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