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Best Homemade Soap Bubble Recipe

By July 28, 2017 No Comments

Yes, we live in the technology age, but bubbles are never out! With four kids in the house I could not get around making our own soap bubble recipe to refill containers and of course – to make super bubbles to chase after 🙂 What fun times!

After trying different recipes I found online, I found the following

The Best Soap Bubble Recipe

What makes a good soap bubble?

Well, it needs to fly high, far and not pop very soon. The bubbles have to be chased, little fingers love to pop them :). We want to see them fly high into the sky, making us glance and dream – and my kids’ eyes sparkle 🙂

I love recipes that are easy, natural and cost effective. This one is a real easy one 🙂


Fun Bubbles


6 cups of water

1 cup dish soap (we use 7th Generation or LemiShine – both biodegradable and non-toxic)

1 Tbsp glycerin or 1/4 cup corn syrup



  1. Pour the water into a medium size container.
  2. Add the dish soap and slowly stir until the soap and water are mixed. (Try not to create a lot of bubbles or foam.)
  3. Add the glycerin or corn syrup and stir again until all is combined well.
  4. Make bubbles :).

For even more durable bubbles – try the following recipe

Pro Bubbles


2 cups hot water
1/4 cup dish soap
2Tbsp white sugar
2 tablespoons glycerin


Carefully combine all ingredients and use to make bubbles outdoors (they leave a mark, a sugary residue).


To make extra large bubbles, just use some wire or a wire clothing hanger to shape a large round, square or oval shape with a little handle. Dip into the solution and have fun with giant bubbles! You can make a large amount of either of the above recipes and fill a large bucket.


Have you ever made homemade soap bubbles? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!



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