Things turn out best for people

who make the best out of the way

things turn out.

Who we are

Picture a young German woman who grew up with all the modern day conveniences, foods, and education system. There is no lack of money, conveniences, programs, medical care or entertainment. What is lacking greatly in her life though is, meaningfulness, love, undivided attention from her parents, guidance, support, and faith.

Now picture a young African man who grew up self-sufficient on a large family-owned land. He is also the son of the local most influential and sought-after Christian minister. He enjoys good health despite lack of access to modern medicine. He learns to grow, make, build, hunt and find all he needs for life. His parents don’t work outside the home, but spend their life shaping their family, serving the community and investing into the land. One thing they lack: money. With that comes the lack of ability to provide Western education.

Now you have a good idea of where Paul and I come from. We both decided to leave our families and travel into the world to find answers, meaning, resources and life.

Our Journey

When we first met, we were both heavily into consumerism. Owning and acquiring things made us feel we had arrived, we were somebody. We worked hard to get more and more education, accumulate more and more stuff and we ate whatever pleased us – as long as it tasted good.

But over time, we got sick, tired and we were overweight. No matter how many items we bought, they did not bring happiness. And the spiral of having to buy more things and therefore having to work more and more just to pay for them did not make any sense to us.

Through changing our diet (over a period of several years), we were able not only to reverse infertility, asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, and chronic fatigue. We were also able to heal from leaky gut syndrome, depression, many skin related issues, joint pain, PMS and stopped having cavities. We learned to listen to our body, have a relationship with it, heal it naturally and strengthen it by fueling it with the right foods.

We balanced our weight out (without dieting) and learned how to prepare an easy, affordable, nourishing and satisfying diet as well as raising our now 4 kids to eat and embrace healthy food. Neither Paul nor I came with the knowledge of cooking or baking a variety of meals. (This actually hurt me really bad the first two years after leaving my parents: with no knowledge and almost no money to buy food, I ended up eating literally white flour mixed with water and heated up in the microwave … when I was lucky I had sugar or butter to go with that … Needless to say, I was severely malnourished after this; part of the reason I ended up having several miscarriages before finally healing through super nourishment and being able to have children.)

Our struggles turned into a passion & new lifestyle

8 years ago we moved from Germany to the United States. Having seen Paul struggle for years to find a job that could fully sustain us in Germany, we decided to take this step in order to live free from Government support. Our desire was for us to support ourselves and be free to choose how we wanted to live. But things did not go well at first and lacking sufficient income (and support), I was forced to look into alternative ways to meet all our needs for less money.

At first, this was a way for us to make it through a tough time, but it quickly turned into a passion and lifestyle when we discovered, it not only saved us money, but it was also much healthier, very educational and fun to make pretty much all we needed homemade.

In 2013 we discovered minimalism and tiny living for us. Out of a slack comment made, we were presented with the opportunity to put it into practice right away – and we did. For the next 4 years, we shared houses with friends and gave more than 80% of all our belongings away (one of the most liberating things we have ever done!).

Living simple we saved $75K in 3.5 years

We used that money to pay off our debt, establish a couple of businesses and sustain us through an unexpected time of unemployment.

The past year now, we feel more and more drawn to a totally sustainable way of living. We dream ecovillage living, growing our own food, permaculture, natural building, and part-time traveling to deepen our knowledge and level of experience in all we are passionate about.


We love

the idea and concept of living totally sustainable and passing this knowledge on to our children and others. It’s our mission to discover how to do all this without having great financial riches to start with.

On this blog, we share our journey with you healthy plant-based recipes we love, how to live small and affordable with a family, how to make money from home while doing meaningful and good paying work, as well as natural diy’s and how we provide the highest level of education for our children while paying close to nothing and whatever else we will still learn, discover or get excited about on our quest to fully step into the life we believe in and love.


Life has thrown plenty of lemons at us, but we decided to cheer and make lemon water – one of our favorite ways to hydrate (and cleanse our body).

It’s our desire to provide information, resources, and inspiration on our blog for individuals and families who want to live healthy, meaningful and sustainable – while living on a budget. Thanks to abundant resources and nearly endless access to free or low-cost information online, you don’t need to be rich to live a great life! We’ll show you how!