Would you like to include more organic food into your diet

and wonder how you can afford this?

In this booklet, I share with you how we buy most of our groceries organic without spending more money.

Shopping Organic on a Budget

For years, we wanted to switch to organic food, but it seemed too expensive.

We wanted to support values such as pesticide-free organic farming and growing food locally through sustainable farming. But when we tried to buy what we would usually eat organic, the cost was significantly higher and we could simply not do it.

This year now, after watching another couple of documentaries about today’s food and the pharmaceutical industry, we decided to search until we’d find a way to afford eating organic.

Everyone should be able to eat quality, nutrient-rich, fresh, local, and organically -grown food

Organic food is so much more flavorful, more satisfying, more nourishing, and should be the actual way we are to consume food. It has healing, restoring, energizing, sickness reversing, and detoxifying properties.

After lots of research, trial and error, and making some changes in our diet,

we are now able to afford eating in an almost entirely organic way- while staying within the same food budget we have had for years.

I want to save you valuable time and energy by sharing all we have learned.

Where do you buy?
When do you buy what?
Which food should you avoid?
Which food doesn’t need to be bought organic?

You will find answers to all these questions and more in this FREE organic shopping guide.

Enable your family today, to live nourished and healthy lives!

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