8 years ago, Paul and I went from having everything to having nothing. Having a home full of space and beautiful things – to having no single penny in our wallet. We had left a safe and secure life in Germany, to come to the US to find better work and build a life for us and our son (then 2 years old). But things did not go as planned, and not finding a job quickly catapulted us into a major crisis.

We literally had no money to buy even toilet paper!

Being the creative and positive person I am, I decided to make the best out of everything and got online to research how to make basically everything myself, from scratch, or naturally and cheaper. I learned how to cook from scratch, how to get almost anything super cheap, free or make it myself for a fraction of the price we previously paid in the store.

What started out as a survival self-help project, quickly turned into a life philosophy. And as our situation improved and we had finances available again, we decided to keep on walking in this way.

Using the life hacks I share in this book, we were able to save $75K in 3.5 years

while living on 2 part-time jobs, raising and educating 4 children and never feeling as though we lacked anything.

Today, we cannot imagine any other way of living. Rather the opposite… our journey is driving us further and further into minimalism and simplicity, a natural and healthy life – where we can attend to the truly meaningful things, people, relationships and values that are important to us.

Today we eat healthier, sleep better, use way less toxins in and around our home, and know where to get what for a price that we feel is reasonable. In this book, I share 75 ways we save money and live happier and healthier.

70 Life Hacks


DIY Hair & Body Care

DIY Household Cleaners & Detergents

DIY Recipes

Lots of TIPS & TRICKS on How to save money


Are you ready to start saving?!




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