Quit Sugar For REAL - 8 Weeks To A Nourished Life

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“Living healthy and vibrant, energetic and positive, is not a luxury - it's an absolute necessity”

Jessica Ajayi

Jessica Ajayi (aka Unconventional Mama)/ Nutritional Counselor & Health Coach

Why Choose This Sugar Detox Program?

You Deserve To Live Free From Cravings

How many times have you tried to walk away from sugar - and failed? The thoughts of sweets just won't leave your mind. 

We know exactly what you are going through - because 5 years ago we were where you are today. Thinking we ate a reasonably healthy diet, we were in for a shock when visiting the dentist, discovering our 2 year old son had 11 cavities! 

In this course I will share with you the key elements to overcoming cravings, binging on sweet replacements for sugar and how to tame the "sugar dragon" in you (and who he is anyway :) ).

You Don't Need Another Detox Program - You Need A True Lifestyle Change

Science shows, that it takes about 60 days to adapt a new lifestyle. We not only supply you with more than 100 recipes, we have also created a 21 day mealplan, charts and print outs to keep you on track, a number of videos, as well as several other booklets that will easy your stepping into preparing your own food - sugar free and made from scratch. 

It's a whole new lifestyle, a step into a healthier every day detox life.

Easy & Affordable Plant Based Recipes - Even For Beginner's

You will love our easy and affordable recipes - even if you have never cooked before! Most foods can be prepared in less than 30 minutes and contain less than 10 ingredients. 

In putting together my EBooks, I have taken great care to use only readily available ingredients. Clean eating made simple ... you can add your fancy touch (and share it with the rest of the group on FB :)). By staying simple, the focus is not on learning new, difficult recipes, but rather to have time to deal with both mind and body during these 8 weeks.

What's In Our Program

Wholesome Snacks & Desserts Ebook

45+ Delicious, Sugar Free Recipes

+ Several additional food, diet & shopping related booklets

Unconventional mama's vegan cookbook

85+ Satisfying Food Recipes

+ General Staple Preparation Guideline Charts

Videos & fb group support

We are in this together! I will not only share with you through inspiring videos, but I have created a FB support group, where you will receive inspiration and encouragement all the way.

  • designed to change families

This course was designed to meet the needs of both single and families. All recipes are Kid Approved!

Main Benefits of Quitting Sugar 

Quitting sugar you have the chance to take your health into your own hands. Reverse chronic disease, lose excess weight, and feel vigorous - ready to live your life!

Did you know that sugar not only provides empty calories - it also depleates the body of nutrients!  Consuming sugar, processed foods, low quality animal products and hydrogenated oils is the reason why we as a society are now overfed, yet malnourished. And this leads to a host of medical conditions:



When you quit sugar, your weight will balance itself out to a healthy range. No dieting needed. No calorie counting, no starving.


Diabetes & Cancer

About 1 in 3 Americans will develop diabetes during their lifetime, 41% will have cancer. Quitting sugar will make sure you are not - and neither your family.



Tooth decay is rampant. On every corner there is a dental office. Quit sugar to protect your teeth - they are meant to stay with you into old age.



In none of the African languages is there any word found, that can be used for depression. It simply does not exist. Yet in the Western countries everybody knows what it is. Quit sugar to chose to live life, love life and live it to the full potential!

What does this Course offer?

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    To quit sugar for REAL it is important to learn how to nourish your body. If you are well nourished, you won't crave. I will show you how to chose nutrient dense foods that will fuel your body and help you go from loving  cookies to loving beans and veggies.
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    In this course I will show you what good foods are and what empty foods are. The recipes provided as well as a 21 DAY MEALPLAN will help you eat a nutrient dense diet, that will keep you satisfied. There are more than 85 food recipes, as well as 45 snack and dessert recipes in the recipe books included. The mealplan is only an aid, you can switch and swap any of the recipes to your liken (or availability of ingredients).
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    I am not promising to have all the answers, but I will show you how to make better choices and overcome sugar addiction. 
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    I will share with you why sugar is so harmful and explain why we don't quit fruits.

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    I will show you how to satisfy your SWEET TOOTH the healthy way. This program is not designed to get you depending on my recipes, these are just an aid for the beginning of your journey into a sugar free life. I will show you what to look for and watch out for, when buying foods or treats in the store.

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    I will show you how sugar affects our health and what it does to our body. These interesting facts and statistics will probably make it much easier for you to be serious about chosing better things to eat.

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    What you will do with the presented tools and information will be up to you - even the pace of your walk into sugar freedom. It's better to make a small step at a time, than make two large ones and then fall back! 

What This Course is NOT 

"Quit Sugar for REAL" is not the end to eating sweet foods. It's not a diet. It's not a fad. It's not an 8 weeks without sugar (and then living like before) program. 


The purpose of this course is, for you to overcome Sugar Addiction. You will learn how to nourish, so you won't crave empty foods. You will get re-connected to food in it's original state - as unprocessed as possible. And you will learn how to enjoy whole food replacements for popular sweet treats. I will also show you how to omit going for sweet snacks & treats all together.

But most of all you will REGAIN CONTROL over what and how much you want to eat - be it sweets or foods.

With that, you will be enabled to chose if and how much sweet you want to eat, you will no longer fall prey to binge sessions

and you will be free to chose if and when you want to eat even a sweet that may contain sugar or other sweetener.


 Raquel M. 


I am so happy to have found you on Youtube, I have totally changed my way of eating thanks to you and the knowledge you share... I am boarderline diabetic, amongst other health issues but have been feeling so much better after changing THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! God bless.

What you will learn


Being Satisfied

Maybe for the first time in your life you will feel truly satisfied after a meal. 


Rest at Night

Many people experience a higher quality of rest and better sleep at night.


Listen to Your Body

Every body is different and has different needs. Even circumstances change what our bodies need. You will learn to listen to your own body and its specific needs.


Stress Less

Stress will be easier to handle, you will feel more calm and balanced.



Your taste will change! You will adjust to a lower level of sweetness in your diet and will fully enjoy less sweet foods. 


Goodbye Candida

Quitting sugar can help get rid of bad bacteria and lessen or eliminate symptoms and effects of candida.



Preventing is better than cure, is a German saying. The lifestyle you will be presented with in this course will help you prevent developing health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation - even cancer.


Feel Good

You will likely feel better overall and see health conditions improve.

Join Us Now - Together We'll Quit Sugar For REAL

Are you ready to kick sugar out of your life? Are you ready to live your life to the full? Are you ready to feel more energetic, more vibrant, more healthy than ever before? Are you ready to lose that extra weight and reverse that chronic disease?


Bonnie B. 


 Your simple, easy, inexpensive plant based meals have encouraged me to get back to eating more healthfully and since last week I have already lost 4 lbs!

What will I get for my money?

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    Unconventional Mama's Vegan Cookbook
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    Unconventional Mama's Wholesome Snacks & Desserts Book
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    Unconventional Mama's Beginner's Guide to Eating Plant Based
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    Unconventional Mama's Guide to Shopping Organic on a Budget
  • check
    Unconventional Mama's Instant Pot Cooking Time Charts
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    1 Preparation week, 21 day mealplan
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    Encouraging & Educational videos
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    Facebook Support Group 
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    Printable Infographics & "Emergency Recipes" that will help you conquer any craving attack
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    10 + "What we Eat in a Day" Videos
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    Lifetime access to the course including all future updates and uploads


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