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In this Cookbook, I share with you our favorite Plant-Based Recipes, lots of information about where our foods come from and how they have been used throughout history all around the world, as well as super handy General Cooking Charts for each staple.

  • 250 colored pages

  • 300+ full-color pictures

  • Vegan & oil-free recipe

In this book, you will find

More than 70 Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes

All recipes are super easy to make and there is no previous cooking experience needed.
These foods are made from simple whole food ingredients, they are nourishing, delicious and totally KID APPROVED!
To put this book together, more than 500 pictures were taken, while these simple, healthy meals were prepared in Unconventional Mama's private kitchen.

If you are new to eating Plant Based, this book is a MUST.

A Journey to Discover the Origins of our Foods

Growing up in the supermarket age, it's easy to get disconnected from our food sources. In this book, Unconventional Mama shows you where your food comes from - literally. There are lots of pictures portraying the art of planting, reaping and processing of what we love to buy and eat. This book closes the gap between you and your food. It re-connects you and instills a passion for the appreciation of what we consume to nourish our bodies.

General Food Preparation Charts

This book is not just loaded with tons of delicious recipes - depicted in detail and beauty; it's also divided into food groups.
Each group has its own general preparation guide. Examples are Potatoes, Beans, Lentils, Rice, Grains, and Vegetables.

You don't just get the recipes, but also a very Comprehensive Guide to how to prepare Vegan Staples. This will enable you to make almost unending variations of the listed recipes, as well as create your own Easy Vegan Meals with what you have on hand.

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Healthy food does not have to be complicated,
expensive, time-consuming to prepare or boring in taste!


All recipes in my Vegan Cookbook are KID APPROVED.
They are delicious, satiating and satisfying.
Start putting some healthy foods on the table, your family won't reject!


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