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45 + Sugar-Free Delicious Recipes For Healthier Families

Whole foods are what we were made to eat. Whole plant-based foods. These are the sources of the nutrients we need – the better their quality, the more nourishing. Modern society has adapted to a whole realm of unhealthy (but seemingly convenient) and chemical-laden products, many today misleadingly call foods. It’s the consumption of these products that makes us sick!

Obesity, high blood pressure, weight problems, diabetes, cavities, depression – you name it, it’s because of the food.

We personally had our fair share of all these conditions as well. In 2012 we decided to kiss sugar and processed foods goodbye. After struggling with overcoming our addiction to those products, we recovered from all our chronic health conditions (such as mentioned above).

Plant-based foods are healing and replenishing. Whole foods are nourishing and satisfying!

Having made this journey successful ourselves, I am passionate about helping you and your family by sharing our favorite recipes with you.


All recipes are made with simple, natural, whole food ingredients.

“Healthy-Desserts-Kids-Love is an immaculate guide that satisfies the child and adult in you.

This wonderful book lets you eat desserts without feeling guilty and makes you believe that desserts are not only possible without sugar but that they are tastier.

The natural ingredients that Jess uses in her simple recipes are not just ingredients; they are healers too.

What a great relief to be able to treat oneself and one’s children to nutritionally beneficial desserts.

This book is a treasure that shows you all the sweetness that nature contains such as nuts and fruits. This recipe’s dessert catalog reconciles pleasure and health. If you want to protect your children from dental cavities, hyperactivity and inflammation, the best-known examples of the negative effects of sugar, this book is a MUST! As a nutritherapist and a mom of a sugar-free 3-year-old boy (white sugar and hidden sugar), I am happy to be inspired by all of the lovely and easy recipes that children can make and adults can pleasantly appreciate.

Dr. Maya L. Saada, Nutritherapist, Nutrition and Self-Development Coach, Physical and Mental Health Blogger, WWW.LAMICOACHING.COM


“When reading Jess’ book for amazingly tasty desserts and treats the first word that came to mind was KISS.


 Which, of course, stands for: keep it simple silly!

I love cooking and I have a daughter and I love spending time with her but if preparing food is going to take well over an hour and if buying all the ingredients that you only need a little of is going to take me an equal amount of time then I lose interest and so does my daughter.

 Jess keeps it simple and keeps it delicious and she shows that simple, and delicious can go hand in hand to make something that is also nutritious.

A word that, nowadays, is often confused with something that is just filling the stomach. Go on and get this book and see your children enjoy the sweet delights…and put a smile on your own face when you’re having a taste 😉 and give your health a helping hand at the same time.”

Henk Saenen, Nutritional Education Trainer


Your book is absolutely wonderful! Beautiful design and photography, informative and so easy to follow. Also, your passion and enthusiasm are bursting from every page..!

The pictures of your kids making and trying the recipes with so much joy are further proof that the recipes are amazing. Thank you and I look forward to trying the recipes, so inspired. Love from Kenya x

Dora Naturalvita, Teacher & Health Food Blogger www.naturalvita.net



“What can I say? This is AWESOME! Hello? Anybody out there? Why is it so hard to find recipe books like that?

It’s so easy to read, to understand, to follow, and the ingredients are simple, easy to find and above all, so tasty and HEALTHY.

No need to be a health nut to get a book like that.

If you love your kids and want to protect them from harmful foods with dyes, chemicals, hormones, refined sugars (the killer), you definitively have the right book in your hands (or on your computer). Because I’m a Mom of 9 children, I do enjoy ANYTHING that makes my life easier, and that’s a big plus for us here. Husband and kids enjoy it. It’s a must!”

Natacha, from Georgia

Natacha and family www.facebook.com/123oils


Stop Disease & Reverse Conditions




Wholesome Snacks & Desserts

– 45 + easy to make plant-based recipes


– Multiple variations that will help you create much more than just the 45 main recipes


– Gorgeous images were taken personally in my very own kitchen (while making these delicious sweets and treats with my children 🙂 )


– Full instructional guide for easy cooking


This book was written with you in mind!


Price $ 22.99


” Your book is amazing! Love it! Will make three recipes tomorrow.”

“Your food pictures are always so pretty!”

“I want to say how much I respect what you do …It’s one thing to do all this – preparing a healthy lifestyle for your kids but I think it’s extra important, that you include them in the actual creative process.”