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Home Made Felted Dryer Balls

If using a sweater, cut it into pieces and form into a ball. Secure with pins.

I was looking through my project box, thinking of what to do with those wool felt scraps, when I remembered making some easy homemade felted wool dryer balls some years ago. I grabbed an old cashmere sweater (that wasn’t my size anymore) and went to make this project with the kids.

Re-Purposing is FUN

I don’t like waste. Period.

I am always looking for re-using items, re-purposing, using them up until there is really nothing left and no other use possible. We are living in a generation and society that creates so much waste – it’s really mind blowing!!

So, even though we have changed our lifestyle to eating Plant Based, we still have many animal products around the home (just because we bought them before becoming vegan). I don’t see any benefit from trashing them – being that we already had them and they would not be useful for someone else. The wool roving I used for this project would not have sold, being that we already used it, and the sweater had some holes, making it unfit to donate.

I always think twice before throwing something into the trash – after all, I am very aware, that our waste does not just disappear with the pick up truck three times a week … It’s dumped into a huge hole called the landfill. And there it will stay forever.

I try my best to re-use whatever we can, in order to lessen our mountain of trash.

Felted Wool Dryer Balls (or kid’s play balls) are such an easy project! I had a lot of fun making these with my kids and they will last for up to 5 or 6 years (if used frequently).

We might actually not use them as dryer balls at all, but let the kids have them to play with – they are light weight, natural and don’t make a lot of noise when they play with them in the house.

Each one of my kids designed their own balls and they were amazed at the process of felting the sweater and roving into balls.

How to make Felted Wool Dryer Balls

            1. You need either wool roving or wool yarn, a wool sweater and/ or wool roving. We just used an old cashmere sweater and wool roving.
            2.  If using a sweater, cut it into pieces and form into a ball. Secure with pins.
            3. Wrap the ball with wool roving or yarn (or as this article from DIY Natural shows, use only yarn, that you roll up into a ball
            4. Optionally decorate the balls with different color roving to create designs.
            5. Carefully put the felted wool dryer balls into a pantyhose (we used one of my daughters’ from last year … too small this year). Secure the balls with knots.
            6. Wash a couple of times on a hot cycle (we added washing powder to help the felting process), then dry hot. Have fun re-purposing & making beautiful felted wool dryer balls!