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I have always enjoyed preparing delicious foods and have many fond memories of hours spent with my parents in the kitchen – watching them cook. Food is so much more than just energy or pleasure. It’s a way to say “I love you”. In Germany, we have a saying that says “Love goes through the stomach”. When I prepare foods, I tell my family, friends or neighbors “I love you, I care about you, I love spending time with you, I love using my time creating something delicious and nourishing for you’. Having seen the damaging effects of wrong foods on our bodies (joint pain, cavities, asthma, leaky gut syndrome, allergies, chronic fatigue, chronic constipation – just to name a few), I am very passionate about feeding ourselves and our families foods that are nutrient dense, free of sugar and other highly refined ingredients, as unprocessed and whole as possible -  and completely plant based. Food is so inspiring, comforting, regenerating, healing, satisfying and enriching. Over the course of the past 6 years our family changed from being addicted to sugar to loving veggies. Amazing? – You can do it too! 

My 2 Cookbooks contains our favorite recipes – many of which we make every week. I hope they help you and your family on your own plant based journey to a more nourished life. 


Fuel For Life $20

80+ Easy Vegan Recipes (Kid Approved)

All Our Favorite Meal Recipes

Over 260 pages, full color pictures, all meals prepared in our home, pictures taken by Jessica Ajayi. This recipe book includes more than 80 plant based recipes, our story, what you need to know about going plant based, a little food history, plus additional general instructions on how to prepare your staples.


Sweet Tooth $20

55+ Easy Vegan Recipes (Sugar Free)

All Our Favorite Sweet Recipes

Over 100 pages, full color pictures, the perfect book for families who want to adopt a healthier diet, or anyone wanting to overcome sugar addiction. Sections include “Stop the Craving”, “Sweet Bake”, “Cool Goodies”, “Snack & School Lunch Ideas” and “Healthy Birthday”. All recipes are sugar free and centered around whole food ingredients.


Get more for less! Our Healthy Eating Bundle is here! $32

Get both our recipe books “Fuel for Life” and “Sweet Tooth” plus 10 pages BONUS Material

Healthy Eating Bundle Features

With this bundle, we give you both recipe books, plus these four high quality bonus print outs to make your whole food journey easier:

- What Foods to Eat on a Whole Food Plant Based Diet

- What Foods NOT to Eat

- Avoiding Hidden Sugars

- Healthier Whole Food Sweet Substitutes

In this bundle are over 330 pages of beautifully illustrated recipes, a little food history, general whole food staple preparation, hundreds of beautiful images taken in our own kitchen.