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I have always been passionate about

Living Values I Believe In

Even though I grew up in mainstream society (in Germany), I have always been exposed to ways to live more regenerative (sustainable). We grew our own garden, composted, and made our own medicine. My parents up cycled, recycled, repurposed and my grandparents lived the summer months in an RV. I got to explore alternative ways of child education (Steiner/ Waldorf & Montessori) and watch my parents be creative - practicing the Art of Making Something from Nothing (in order to manage finances in a big family).
My own journey of living values I believed in started about ten years ago, when I was a first time mother, dealing with past trauma, depression, health conditions, in a foreign country, with no job and no money (literally: my husband earned at times $50 a month!). It was then that I decided for myself, that I wasn’t going to just live to scrape together a living, survive, get by and pursue the ability of just paying my bills. I wanted t life worth living. A life of values I believed in. And I was ready to fight and learn how to step into and live exactly that. Read more about my journey here. 


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Learning to

Make an Impact

I started my journey, fighting for what I believed in. Today, I run the race to continue to learn, grow, be changed and help, release and enable others (including our next generation) to the step into theirs.
I study over 25 hrs a week, travel, do interns, take courses, attend seminars, summits, be part of vibrant communities (both physically and online), coach, mentor and deepen mentoring relationships, to take my place in the community of influencers, world changer, paradigm shifters, and “out-of-the-box-thinkers” READ MORE

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Riding Horses (barefoot :)) at summer camp


Exploring Nature - Every day


At the Farmer’s Market

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Stealing kisses from daddy at the park

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Creating with Clay

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Eating to

Live and Heal

Going Whole Food Plant Based (6 years ago) and overcoming Sugar Addiction (7 years ago) has totally revolutionized the way we feel and live. By learning to make simple delicious homemade meals we balanced out our weight (I permanently lost 70lbs), healed from chronic constipation, fatigue, allergies, mucus, joint pain, oily skin, depression, headaches, “chicken skin” (bumpy skin on the back of our arms), asthma, high blood pressure and just feel clear in mind, energized, satisfied and strong and sharp – ready to face life and learning. Eating this way doesn’t just help us, it’s also sustainable for our earth. In our two recipe books you find all our favorite recipes we make pretty much every single week.

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Fuel for life

80+ Easy Vegan Recipes (Kid Approved)

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Sweet Tooth

55+ Easy Vegan Sweet Whole Food Recipes for snack time, breakfast, dessert or just about any time you feel like eating something sweet. All recipes are free from processed sugar.

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Fuel For life & sweet tooth bundle

135+ Easy Vegan Recipes - both sweet and savory. In these two books all our favorite meals, snacks and desserts are covered.

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Mindful parenting is the hardest job on the planet

but it’s also one that has the potential for the deepest kinds of satisfactions over the lifespan, and the greatest feelings of interconnectedness, community and belonging.

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Recent Blog Posts

On my blog I love to share with you books, resources and products we love to use,
our favorite recipes and natural DIY’s, as well as Mom tips & tricks.

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Get my Free 15 Recipes

We love delicious food, but we don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing extensive meals.

If you are like us, and are looking to either go plant based, get more easy vegan (and kid friendly) recipes, or simply add more plant based foods to your diet, this book is for you.

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The 5 Steps we Took from Craving Sugar to Loving Veggies

Woohoo! We have been sugar free for over 6 years now!

In this article I share with you how we did it, what motivated us, the 5 steps we actually took and what we enjoy eating today. Plus tips, tricks and motivation on how you can do it too.

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Why we Homeschool

In this post I share with you a little bit about our journey from thinking homeschooling was ridiculous, to loving it with every fiber of our being. I am also explaining how homeschooling is not just our children’s education, but how it has freed us as parents to becoming lifelong learners as well.



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Children don’t need more things,
the best toy a child can have
is a parent who gets down on the floor
and plays with them
— Bruce Perry
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